A Very Skeptic Christmas – day 6

When did you stop believing in Santa Claus? Do you remember? Or maybe you still believe that he’s the one bringing presents to everyone…well, in that case you may not want to read any further!

I don’t have many memories of me believing in Santa, and I don’t remember the exact moment when I stopped believing in him either. I remember that once, I was probably around 6-year-old, I found hidden in a cupboard some presents. It was a few days before Christmas. I don’t know if that was the moment, anyway it gave me a big clue.

What I do remember well enough is me trying to convince some of my classmates about Santa’s non-existence. A 6-year-old spreading some critical thinking!

But I wasnt’ very successful. “How can he bring presents to every child around the world, in one night?”, “How can he fly?”, I would argue. My friends were not following me though. What else I could have said to convince them? Probably not much. They got their presents. Who brought them was not very important.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I wish Santa existed. I wouldn’t have to go shopping for presents!