Silly people on the train

I was on the train yesterday, and the woman sitting next to me was talking on the phone. She was complaining that these days everybody talks on the phone instead of talking with other people on the train.

I was smiling and thinking “And what are you doing?! Isn’t that a cell phone in your hand?”. Oh, some people are really…aaah!

When she hanged up I should have told her: “So, what do you want to talk about?” 😉


My own kind of music

The other day, the guy I work with asked me what kind of music I like. It should be easy to answer this type of question, but not for me. I never know what to say when they ask me what kind of music I like. Replace music with books, films, food etc. and it’s the same story. Probably the thing is that I don’t like to generalize. I may like that particular song, or even this particular singer, but I can’t say that I prefer rock or classical music, pop artists or heavy metal bands. It depends.

Anyway, my answer “I don’t know. It depends” wasn’t enough for the guy. So I told him that someone I listen to quite often is Rufus Wainwright. I even have one of his songs as phone ring. At first it wasn’t such a good idea…I would go on listening to the song for a while before realizing it was my phone ringing! Good thing I don’t receive so many phone calls. 😉

So he tells me when someone’s calling me, but he’s also my soundtrack when I’m on the bus or the train. It’s either him or Damien Rice.

Not very cheerful, I know!

But I also like thing like this

or this one

So, you see, there’s no pattern.

I don’t know. It depends!