Weekend in London – day 10 and 11

I didn’t actually go to London. Not this past weekend. London is the new board game I got for my birthday. Quite a fun game, even if I didn’t win. Taking too many loans was not a good idea!






There Will Be Blood and Tears

At the beginning of June, M. and I went to London for a long weekend with a couple of friends.

Being the one with more free time at hand (read unemployed), I was in charge of thinking and planning where to go, what to see and what to do.

We decided to buy a 3 day London Pass, and while I was reading the guide they send you together with the pass, I came across something that my horror-movies-geek friends would have appreciated for sure. The Blood and Tears Walk.

The problem was that I wasn’t so sure that I would have liked it! Horror movies are not my thing, and I’m so easily scared that I can’t even watch a horror movie trailer without covering my eyes. I’m a chicken, I know!

But I thought “It’s a horror walk, it’s not a movie. I might as well do it, it won’t be that scary, right?”. Well, it was.

But I enjoyed every second of it.  Declan guides you through the back alleys of the City and through the mysteries of London. The way he tells stories is so vivid that you can almost see what he’s talking about. I got so caught up in the story-telling, that I kind of felt fascinated by the fact of being scared.

During the tour, there’s also time for interaction with the group. Declan challenges your imagination, asking questions and making you think about the stories and the facts.

Another thing about the tour is that it’s quite fast paced. Be prepared to walk fast, because you definitely don’t want to be left behind!