Winter Surprised Us

It’s definitely winter. I didn’t want to admit it, but it’s cold. It’s freezing. Ice age is here! It wasn’t that bad on Saturday, when we went for a long walk around the city. But I can’t keep saying that it’s not that cold…because it is that cold!

And I was totally unprepared for this kind of weather. Well, not totally. I was just missing some gloves or mittens. How I could survive until now without something to keep my hands warm is a mystery. I guess I was right by saying “It’s not that cold!” 😉

I wanted to knit a pair of mittens, but if I start now…by the time I finish them it will be already summer spring! 🙂 So I just bought them. They look like they’re hand-made (but they’re not). Will they keep me warm as my old (hand-made by me!) mittens did?


Happy New Month!

Is it already February? Where did January go?

The first month of 2012 has gone already and I almost didn’t notice. Well, I’m actually noticing, since I’m writing about it. Anyway, how was January? How did I start this year? What have I done and accomplished in these past 31 days? Let me think…

I went to see the Pixar exhibition here in Milan letting my inner child come out. But that’s an easy thing to do! Now I have to find out the grown up in me. It’s hiding well, but I know it’s here!

I went to the Planetarium and, in the middle of a sunny Sunday afternoon, I watched a starry night. Wonderful!

I had a job interview for a job that, as I found out, was not very interesting. So I said no thanks, that’s not for me.

I started a little part-time job, which is nice. And also, to go to my work place I have to take the train. I love taking the train! I guess that’s the inner child talking. 🙂

I got a late birthday gift and went to the theatre to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was so much fun! And the actor playing Bottom was really, really good. He also looked a little like Gerard Butler. Not bad! 😉

I bought some yarn. I started knitting a scarf. And, overcoming all my doubts about my knitting abilities and my fears about meeting new people, I joined a Stitch and Bitch group. I spent an afternoon quietly knitting and chatting a little bit. It was nice and now my scarf is a bit longer!

I went to see The Iron Lady (Meryl Streep is great! Give her another Oscar, now!) and The Ides of March (Ryan Gosling, I like you even with your shirt on ;-)).

So, that was more or less my first month of this year. It’s not bad, but I could have done a lot more. Especially regarding my translation related projects…I would say that’s what February’s for.

I also wrote very little in here, and I know that saying “I will write more” won’t do. So, I’m not  just saying that I’ll write more, but I’m going to do it by posting every day. It worked with my advent calendar, let’s see if I can make it work once again.

Happy February everyone!

Blanket is (almost) done

I keep making plans and to-do-lists, but apparently I’m not able to actually do things and be productive. I don’t know exactly why, but lately I find it dfficult to concentrate and focus.

Anyway, while I try to tell myself that I’m not completely useless, I managed to (almost) finish the blanket I was working on. I’m saying almost because it’s a bit small for a blanket. It’s about 60×54 cm. I guess I shouldn’t call it a blanket. That’s how it looks like so far.

In the picture it doesn’t look that tiny, but…it is!

I should probably buy more yarn and try to make it bigger. I was thinking of knitting a frame around it, all in one colour. Maybe dark blue.

We’ll see.

Blanket in Progress

I’ve been always fascinated with knitting. I find it amazing how you can create something out of yarn, just using two (or more) needles.

I learned how to knit (and purl) a few years ago. A ex-colleague of mine taught me, while we were working together in the same office. She actually taught me at the office. I know, I know! We were supposed to be working, but on our defense I can say that we were not knitting all the time, just for a few moments on lunch break or coffee breaks…and there was not much work to do anyway!

My knitting is still pretty basic. So far I’ve made some scarves and mittens, a poncho, a shawl, and a sock. Yes, a sock. Just one. Useful, I know!

I’ve been very inconsistent in my knitting activity. There are periods when I knit everyday, or almost everyday, but after finishing a project it takes me forever to start another one. If I finish a project at all…yes, because a few months ago I bought some yarns on offer, thinking of making a blanket out of them. My idea was to make many different patches and then saw them all together in a nice pattern. Some kind of patchwork thing.

I started with all the enthusiasm, but after making five or six rectangles I abandoned my project. Just out of laziness, I guess.

So I’m posting a couple of pictures here, as a reminder to keep knitting. I hope to post a picture of the finished project. Sooner or later!