It’s clean up time!

I’m travelling a lot this month. I went to Delft for a few days at the beginning of June, yesterday I got back from Leipzig where I spent the weekend visiting friends, and Friday I’m going to Canada for a couple of weeks. Between one vacation and the other, I took some time to clean up my wardrobe. Now I’ve a box full of old clothes, or clothes not-so-old but that I never use.

Today I’ve done a bit of “spring cleaning” (or summer cleaning I should say) also on this blog. I’ve updated the about page, as one more year has gone by since my graduation. And I’ve removed the postaday tag along with the postaday widget. I must admit that this idea of blogging once a day didn’t work out very well, but that’s ok.

Next on the list is the balcony. After a spring full of flowers – tulips and hyacinths – I’ve now a bunch of empty pots. My plan of having some herbs also didn’t work out… Maybe when we come back from Canada I can do something about it.

And while I think about tidying up around me, I shouldn’t forget there’s something else that needs to be sorted out, fixed and reorganized: me.



As in “Today is November the 30th” or “Last Sunday it was my birthday and I turned 30”.


A few days before my birthday, I was a little anxious about turning 30. What scared me the most was not the number itself, but the idea of what you should have accomplished by 30, and what you should be doing at 30.

What have I done so far? What are my plans? Am I doing the right thing? Am I running late? Am I leaving myself behind?

While I was anxiously pondering all of that, someone very wise told me that I shouldn’t worry. Not so much. It’s not written anywhere what  you should be doing at 30, or what you should have done by then. That’s for you to decide.

So, I decided to enjoy my birthday. And it was a good decision indeed. 🙂

I cooked and baked and shared with a few friends what I prepared. I made myself the best cheesecake ever! The candles in the pictures where on top of it. I forgot to take a nice picture of the cake, sorry about that.

On Sunday, M. and I went to Bergamo. We enjoyed a warm and sunny autumn day, in a city I had never visited before. It’s a beautiful place, but I forgot to take my camera with me, so I don’t have any picture to show you. Sorry!

I know, I start forgetting too many things. But hey, I’m already 30…I’m getting old! 😉

Indonesian food and random thoughts about identity

On Friday night, M. and I decided to have dinner at the Indonesian restaurant.

We arrived and asked for een tafel voor twee. The waitress seemed a bit confused, but after a moment she showed us to our table.

Another waiter took our orders, two biertjes and two rijstafels. He then asked us something in Dutch. A moment of panic! Ok, let’s switch to English.

Then the other waitress brought us the food, and said something in Dutch. We didn’t get anything, and we asked her to speak English. She looked like “Hey, you were speaking Dutch earlier!”

After a while, she came again at our table to check if everything was OK. She explained that she tought we were Dutch, and she was surprised when we switched to English.

How she could think that we were Dutch, that’s a mystery to me!

Anyway, she was also non Dutch. And when we asked her where she was from, she said: “Oh, I’m from a lot of places. I’m from Canada, I’m from Hong Kong…”

At first I was tempted to reply: “Ok, but where exactly are you from? Canada or Hong Kong?”. But then, is it really that important? Do we really have to look for an exact definition? Besides, the most precise information is exactly the one she gave us. And more interesting too!

Not only we learned that she is from here and there (and since a few months she is in the Netherlands to study) but her answer made me think about one’s identity, roots and culture.

It also reminded me when, while I was in Canada, I was asked a similar question – where are you from? are you Italian, you don’t look like Italian? – and I answered: “My mom is from the Philippines, my dad is Italian and I am…me!”

Not very precise, but true.