It’s clean up time!

I’m travelling a lot this month. I went to Delft for a few days at the beginning of June, yesterday I got back from Leipzig where I spent the weekend visiting friends, and Friday I’m going to Canada for a couple of weeks. Between one vacation and the other, I took some time to clean up my wardrobe. Now I’ve a box full of old clothes, or clothes not-so-old but that I never use.

Today I’ve done a bit of “spring cleaning” (or summer cleaning I should say) also on this blog. I’ve updated the about page, as one more year has gone by since my graduation. And I’ve removed the postaday tag along with the postaday widget. I must admit that this idea of blogging once a day didn’t work out very well, but that’s ok.

Next on the list is the balcony. After a spring full of flowers – tulips and hyacinths – I’ve now a bunch of empty pots. My plan of having some herbs also didn’t work out… Maybe when we come back from Canada I can do something about it.

And while I think about tidying up around me, I shouldn’t forget there’s something else that needs to be sorted out, fixed and reorganized: me.


There’s a Ghost in Town

I didn’t believe ghost existed. But now I changed my mind. Because I saw one. And I have proof.

Last Saturday we were going to the train station to catch a train to Amsterdam. We were almost at the station when we noticed two police vans, a police car, and a bunch of cops. Something must have happened! But they all looked calm and quiet, so we didn’t think we were going to witness a gunfire or the arrest of a criminal.

Then we noticed a man looking up and taking pictures.

And then we saw it. The ghost.

Pretty scary, uh?

We couldn’t stay there and watch what the cops were doing, because we got a train to catch. And when we got back from Amsterdam, that night, the ghost wasn’t there anymore. Or maybe it is still there, it’s just that you can’t always see it. Or maybe they called the ghostbusters, or maybe the ghost has just gone somewhere else and is now haunting some other place.

It’s a mystery!