Weekly Photo Challenge: Through


Here’s a first glimpse of my weekend in Switzerland. More to come in the next days, for now this is a picture that means through to me.


Bright Orange Shoes

Yesterday I read this quote:

“Color is powerful. It is almost physiologically impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing bright red pants.”

It’s from Jessi Arrington’s talk, Wearing nothing new, at TED.

Then I looked at my new shoes and thought that it’s true, color is powerful. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing bright orange shoes, with electric blue shoelaces!

And it’s even better if you’re also wearing purple socks!

a tulip is a tulip is a tulip


A rose is a rose, and a tulip is a tulip.

They’re three now. Out of the five I’ve planted. They’re quite nice, even though in this picture they look like they’re in a cage. Well, probably a balcony is a kind of cage to them…for sure they would prefer to be in an open field.

Anyway, I’m taking good care of them and they’re giving a touch of beauty to my balcony.

And a touch of science too. 😉

Milk and honey

Spring is here, and I have a cold. Not fair at all!

When I have a cold, it always goes like this: first I start feeling tired, then I have a sore throat, then my voice starts getting low and deep, and finally a runny nose.

Right now I’m in the “low and deep voice” fase. Today the guy I work with asked me if I was feeling ok, and when I told him not to worry, I was fine, it was just my voice…he told me it was scary. 😀

Well, hopefully a comforting cup of warm milk with a bit of honey will make me feel better.


Let’s make a new tomorrow, today

I can’t wait for the Eurovision Song Contest to take place at the end of May! In the meantime I’m listening to some of the entries, new and old.

This was one of my favorites last year.

I also sent my vote to make them win! But it wasn’t enough. I’m wondering who will be the winner this year. Maybe Russia?! 😀