Green Thumbs Up

The bulbs I planted in October are finally growing. I can’t wait to see the flowers blooming! I was looking at them the other day, thinking that I’m quite good at this gardening thing.


Then I turned around and saw this.


A cactus. Dead. And I killed it.

Poor thing! I guess I didn’t take good care of it. But I thought it didn’t need much attention. Probably I was wrong. (I guess?! Probably?!)

Anyway, now that I know that I’m not good with cactuses (or cacti. I wasn’t sure about the plural of cactus, so I checked and both are correct. You always learn something new!), I’ll plant something that I know I can grow.

Like sunflowers seeds. I have the ones I collected in the past years, and now it’s the right time to plant them.  I should also have some herbs. Maybe basil, mint, parsley, and coriander. Mmm, I love coriander! I’m already thinking about the things I could cook with those herbs.

Yes, I should definitely have some herbs. Tulips are beautiful, but they’re not very useful while cooking! 🙂


One thought on “Green Thumbs Up

  1. Oh my goodness, coriander (or cilantro, as we generally call it here) is the most-used herb I planted last year, above even basil, which surprised me. It seems like I’m out picking more cilantro every evening! And I was really pleasantly surprised to see that my summer plants reseeded themselves, and then THOSE plants lasted through the entire winter, even when a little snow fell on them. We’re still eating from those plants, although they’re starting to bolt, so I’m hoping to sow a new planting in the next week or so. (If you’re thinking about starting herbs from seed, you might be interested in my post Happy gardening!

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