My own kind of music

The other day, the guy I work with asked me what kind of music I like. It should be easy to answer this type of question, but not for me. I never know what to say when they ask me what kind of music I like. Replace music with books, films, food etc. and it’s the same story. Probably the thing is that I don’t like to generalize. I may like that particular song, or even this particular singer, but I can’t say that I prefer rock or classical music, pop artists or heavy metal bands. It depends.

Anyway, my answer “I don’t know. It depends” wasn’t enough for the guy. So I told him that someone I listen to quite often is Rufus Wainwright. I even have one of his songs as phone ring. At first it wasn’t such a good idea…I would go on listening to the song for a while before realizing it was my phone ringing! Good thing I don’t receive so many phone calls. 😉

So he tells me when someone’s calling me, but he’s also my soundtrack when I’m on the bus or the train. It’s either him or Damien Rice.

Not very cheerful, I know!

But I also like thing like this

or this one

So, you see, there’s no pattern.

I don’t know. It depends!


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