Espresso, what else?

Italians love coffee. Their coffee. If it’s not done as they want it to be (espresso, ristretto, macchiato…) they start complaining that “it’s not possible to drink this thing”.

Usually this happens abroad, where “they don’t know how to make proper coffee”.

When it comes to coffee, I’m not that picky (I’m not picky at all, if I may say so!). I do drink it, twice a day. At breakfast – after having a bowl of cereal with milk, and a glass of orange juice – and after lunch. But right after lunch. I cannot drink it later in the afternoon, otherwise I won’t sleep at night. I guess I’m too sensitive to caffeine.

When I’m home I make my own, but if I’m outside I’ll just have whatever is available. Without complaining if it’s not perfect. So I’m actually not very Italian regarding coffee. And M. even less than me, since he doesn’t like it and doesn’t drink it.

His parents are exactly the opposite! They were here for the weekend, and after every single meal they had to complain about the coffee. Well, it was mostly his mum the complaining one. 😉

“Should we order coffee? Is it going to taste good? Will they make a good espresso? Why aren’t they able to make a nice coffee? They even have the coffee machine! Ah, but they don’t know how to use it”.

A broken record!

A couple of times we ate at our place, and when it was time to make coffee I was so scared! What if it’s not good enough? Well, there were no complaints, so I guess it was ok.

At least my coffee was not among the things to complain about. And there were many! But it’s quite a long list, maybe I should write another post about it. Or probably it’s better not to complain about someone complaining. It would be complaintception!


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