Run Baby Run

One of my “half-year resolutions” is to be more active. That is to say “get my ass off the couch”. πŸ™‚

Also, it’s been months that M. and I keep telling each other that we should go for a run once in a while. Possibly every other day. But then we keep making excuses: today I’m tired, now it’s raining (living in the Netherlands, this is an excuse you can use quite often!), I’m starving let’s make dinner we’ll go for a run tomorrow, and so on.

Monday was a hot sunny day, perfect for a run. Well, actually it was too hot…but no! No more excuses! Let’s put on your running shoes and let’s go.

And so we went.

We walked to a canal just outside the centre of Delft, and started running along the canal. We ran for a few minutes, and it was quite nice. Rowers were passing by, people were enjoying the sunshine sitting on a bench, there was also someone swimming, and kids jumping from a bridge into the water.

We ran for a while, then walked, and then ran again. Until I began feeling exhausted and I was mostly walking than running. My body was like “OK, walking is good. What? You want to start running again? Bwahahahah!!!” Alright, I guess that’s enough for today!

Last night we went running again, even though we almost had an excuse not to go. A storm is a good reason to stay home and watch TV, isn’t it?! But there was nothing on, and after a while it stopped raining, so we went out.

It was a completely different atmosphere from the night before: the sky was still gloomy, it was windy, and there were not many people around. There were still some guys swimming in the canal, even though it was not that warm.

We were alternating running and walking. And again, for me it was mostly walking!

Then I said “Alright, let’s run to that bridge over there”. It didn’t seem that far. We started running, and all of a sudden M. was far away…and so was the bridge! How’s that possible?! I’m running, I am! So why isn’t the bridge getting closer?! OK, now I’m walking, but still…

I guess I have to go for a run again tonight, and see if the bridge is still there or ran away!



6 thoughts on “Run Baby Run

  1. I am totally like you – my husband and I always say we need to go for a run, or have an exercise plan….but then something always pops up – “too tired” or “too hot” like you say. Now I am inspired from your posts to get motivated to do something. As you say, its hard to do something at first but it gets easier.

    Keep up the running! I remember when I went running to get ready for my wedding, I was totally exhausted and the bridge I used to run across was always too long. But after 3 months of running, it got easier and easier πŸ™‚

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